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The Advance Physical Therapy Network (APTN) is more than just "dots on the map" and deep discounts. While we do have providers located all across the nation with competitive discounts, we also care about our clients and strive to meet their healthcare coverage needs. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss our network offerings with you and explore how you can benefit from accessing APTN.

At APTN, we believe that our products and service are of value to you. We understand the need for quality providers that can be accessed everyday in a network that brings quality, efficient network management and significant reduction in medical costs. We believe in our providers and that they are the critical ingredient to offering this medical care and savings to you.

Our large network can provide you access to providers for your state-mandated panels no matter where you are located. You can even choose and edit your panel on-line. Not all states require provider panels, but if yours does, APTN works to help you keep your employees in network, saving you valuable dollars.

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